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Entrepreneur Day

Entrepreneur – it’s a bit of a daft word, but according to, it means ‘someone who sets up a business, taking financial risks, in the hope of making a profit’ This description covers all of our clients, but we think there’s a bit more to it. We think an Read more…

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What can you do to loosen up, lighten up? Are there any tasks you are doing that you could loosen the reins on? What can you delegate and outsource? What will lighten up the load on your shoulders? We’re going to suggest bookkeeping (cos that’s something we do!) Let us Read more…

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What tripe!

Have you ever had to yell out ‘What tripe!’ on tripe day, or any other day? Tripe is how we’d describe some ‘cloud’ products. If you have to install software before you can use it – it’s not cloud, it’s hosted. Why do we love cloud accounting software? Cloud products Read more…

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