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Monkey Day

Not the animal kind you find at the zoo, the magic kind from 80s TV! Bookkeepers are just like the magic kind of TV monkey, cos we also know how to summon the cloud! (Using a an internet connected device, not waving our fingers in front of our mouths!) Why? Read more…

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We’re not going to suggest we know all about construction, but we all know you need solid foundations when building anything, including gingerbread houses. And your cloud accounting system. When converting from desktop software to the cloud, its important to get setup properly – don’t rush, and employ experts – Read more…

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No really, bookkeeping and ninjas have a lot in common, well cloud bookkeepers do. (Except for the whole killing thing) According to merriam-webster dictionary the word ninja derives from the Japanese characters “nin” and “ja.” “Nin” initially meant “persevere,” “ja” is the combining form of sha, meaning “person.” Let’s be Read more…

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Entrepreneur Day

Entrepreneur – it’s a bit of a daft word, but according to, it means ‘someone who sets up a business, taking financial risks, in the hope of making a profit’ This description covers all of our clients, but we think there’s a bit more to it. We think an Read more…

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