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If you are going to be late for something – choose wisely! Being late with ATO lodgements and payments isn’t recommended, but by all means be late for your own funeral by living a long and happy life! In a determined effort to stop our clients being late for the Read more…

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August is Happiness Happens month, we’ve found that happiness rarely happens when you do your own bookkeeping! Why? Because small business owners spend hours doing it and often stuff it up! How? Last week we lodged (well it felt like) 6,000 BASs, so we’ll tell you what we saw. Trying Read more…

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Be an Angel today

Bookkeeping and Angels, at first glance they don’t have too much in common, but when you start to think about it, you can’t believe you haven’t noticed our resemblance til now. Modern bookkeepers, just like angels hang out in the cloud. Why? Cos it’s easier and nothing brings you down Read more…

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If you lodge monthly: Remember to set funds aside for the July IAS which is due soon. If you haven’t already received the IAS for esign – don’t worry it is coming.

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