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According to, Entrepreneur means ‘someone who sets up a business, taking financial risks, in the hope of making a profit’. As BAS agents, we can help minimise bookkeeping risks and manage some more of the ‘boring’ tasks for you. Reportedly 86% of entreprenurs use apps to increase productivity, which Read more…

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Rollercoaster Day

Running a small business can feel like a giant (never ending) rollercoaster ride.‬ ‪Get a BAS agent in your car to hold your hand when it gets scary, and to share the LOLs with around the corners!‬ Let’s have as much fun as we can, while we get the work Read more…

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World Ranger Day

Have the grey ghosts at the tax office chalked your tyres? Have you overstayed the payment summary time limit? If you haven’t distributed them by the 14th July – expect to be towed away. Are your BAS lodgments in a no stopping zone? The fines increase aren’t cheap & they Read more…

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We’d tell you an economics joke But there isn’t enough demand. 😆 Good financial record keeping isn’t a joke, unless you consider fines & interest from the tax office funny. If you are a DIY BAS lodger, the June quarter is due for lodgment & payment on 28th July. If Read more…

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World Emoji Day

Have you experienced the 7 emojis of DIY bookkeeping? 🤪 I have to do this before I can knock off 😱 600 unreconciled transactions! 😤 Why is it so hard? 🤮 I hate doing this 🤬 the tax office can…… 😫 How am I going to pay that? 🤥 I’ll Read more…

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